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Andreas Wellinger
When asked to describe himself, Andreas simply uses the word “crazy”. His motto in life, “No Risk, No Fun!", is clearly evident in his favorite ways of spending his free time, namely hiking and surfing.

When Andreas needs to relax, he can often be found hanging out with friends in the sun or watching movies. He is a big fan of the Ocean’s Eleven series. One thing he can’t stand is boredom, while another one is not having any chocolate at hand. This leads us directly to Andreas' favorite Milka type: he loves Milka à la Vanille-Pudding! 

Andreas was born on August 28th, 1995 and is currently living in Germany - Weißbach in Bavaria to be precise. His favorite ski jumping hill is located much further north, in Kuusmao (Finland). It almost goes without saying that his greatest moment as a professional ski jumper was winning the gold medal in Sochi.
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Anna Veith
Anna is a new member of the Milka Ski Stars team.

Born in 1989, the young and beautiful Anna impresses with her stunning achievements in ski racing.

Born and raised in Austria, Anna’s life has already been filled with many #milkamoments. She is a tough yet very feeling player who respects and loves her teammates, but still follows her own mind. In recent years Anna achieved to be an Olympic Gold Medalist and multiple World Cup winner, including winning the overall World Cup 2014/2015 and 2013/2014.

Her favorite chocolate is Milka Alpine Milk. We are looking forward to experiencing great #milkamoments with her.
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Elena Curtoni
Elena Curtoni lives the Italian lifestyle, and continually keeps challenging herself and pursues ambitious goals.

For her this strategy definitely works out very well as she is considered to be one of the world's most promising young stars in international skiing. No matter what Elena is up to, she tries to turn it into a good time while minding the importance of personal integrity and honesty.

In her free time she focuses on her creativity and paints or draws. She relaxes with movies or American TV shows.

Elena was born on February 3rd, 1991. Her favourite ski region is Les Trois Vallées (France) and her choice of chocolate is Milka Milkinis.
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Michi Kirchgasser
Michi Kirchgasser starts every day with a smile. But of course that‘s easy for her living in what she refers to as one of the most beautiful places on earth: Filzmoos, Austria. Her home country Austria also brought her luck in 2012, when she was very successful at the Worldchampionship in Schladming.

When asked to describe herself, Michi explains that she's a cheerful person. In her free time she goes hiking, reads a lot and keeps in contact with her friends.

Michi was born on March 18th, 1985. Although she enjoys many ski regions, Filzmoos in Austria naturally makes her feel at home. What she enjoys most? A good cup of hot chocolate in front of her cockle stove or even better: a bar of Milka Alpenmilchcreme just for her own!
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Sarka Strachova
Sarka Strachova lives her credo „Now and here I create my future“ very successfully!

She is a multi-talented person with a lot of interests, using her spare time for horseriding, reading, dancing, jin yoga and of course spending time with her husband.

For her there are countless things to like about life: laughing, the silence on a mountain or the joy of great moments, like when she won the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010.

Sarka was born on February 11th, 1985 in the Czech Republic. Her favourite ski region is Are (Sweden). When it comes to chocolate, she enjoys Milka Toffee Whole nuts.
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Tessa Worley
Tessa Worley, half French, half Australian, is not into worrying. Instead she prefers to be happy, having lots of fun and smiling the day away.

She is a real energy bundle, which she proofed with her win at the Schladming’s world championship giant slalom in 2012. Still there remains enough energy for a very active private life, filled with many different kinds of sports, spending time with family and friends, travelling, studying, reading, listening to music and much more.

Tessa was born on October 4th, 1989. Her favourite ski regions are the Dolomites and her home resort Le Grand-Bornand in France. As she likes all Milka types it is hard for her to choose a favorite – but if she had to she’d go for Milka Daim or Milka Caramel.
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Tina Maze
Tina Maze is a free spirit, a person that knows who she is and tries to be nothing more than this: herself.

She adores simplicity, beauty and intelligence and describes herself as precise – a quality that not only makes her an outstanding skier but also plays an important role in her passion for writing, photography and music. As one of the best skiers in the world, she gained the most points at the World Cup during season 12/13. Tina is used to make opportunities turn into gold, which is exactly what she did with her first pop-song "My Way Is My Decision", released in 2012 reaching the number-one spot in the Slovenian charts.

Tina was born on May 2nd, 1983 in Slovenia. She loves skiing at Cortina and Whistler and relaxes best when sleeping the day away or enjoying her favourite Milka chocolate: Milka Milkinis.
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Tina Tender Insider - Interview with Anna Fenninger - Full interview

Das Warten hat ein Ende, hier das ganze Interview zwischen Tina und Anna.
The wait is over, finally you can see the full interview between Tina and Anna.

Season Best Of Moments
Click here to see a selection of the best of moments of this season from our Milka Ski Stars.
Best of Messages of Meltivation

The incredible motivation from the fans made this season so special! We were thrilled by the great support on site as well as from all over the world. The amount of Messages of Melitvation we received throughout was impressive and the emotional words were incredibly touching. We made a selection of the 5 best of messages of this season for each Milka Ski Star. Just click on your favourite Milka Ski Star to see the best of gallery and have a look through it.

The most tender of all unions: Anna Fenninger got married
What tender news at the beginning of Spring! Our youngest Milka Ski Star, Anna Fenninger, and her partner Manuel Veith, tied the knot last weekend. Where else would a ski star get married in but the beautiful South Tyrolean Alps. The intimate ceremony included a very close circle of family and friends.

Anna will return as Anna Veith next season. She felt it very important to take on her husband’s name because for her it's a sign of unity and connectedness. We wish the newlyweds all the best for their joint future!
The tenderest kind of "yes": Michi Kirchgasser gets married.

Es war ein wunderschöner Tag, in einem wunderschönen Kleid! #steinecker @petra_steinecker @gottfried1207 #sturmayr_coiffeure

A photo posted by Michaela Kirchgasser (@michikirchi) on

Some delightfully tender news this Spring! Michi Kirchgasser and partner, Sebastian Kirchgasser, tied the knot last weekend. Where else would our Milka Ski Star get married than in a beautiful mountainous setting, just like colleague Anna Veith few weeks ago.

It seems like the happy couple were predestined to be with each other as, purely by coincidence, they shared the same surname already.

We wish the newly married pair the very best for their future together!

Come back stronger, Anna!
After a serious injury during the training in Sölden, Anna Fenninger underwent surgery, which thankfully went well. However, Anna has to take a break from skiing this season.

Our thoughts are with her and we hope that she will recover soon. Come back stronger, Anna!
Tina Tender Insider - Jenga with Anna Fenninger - Teaser 2
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20 Years of Milka Sponsorship
The new skiing season is starting: it is going to be an exciting one for ski fans and for the Milka Ski Stars! Since two decades, the lilac chocolate brand has been supporting alpine skiing and this anniversary is celebrated at the season kick-off of the Alpine Ski World Cup in Sölden.
Season Closing
Another exciting season comes to an end. There were as many tender moment as there were surprises. Lara Gut impressed everyone with her amazing performance to win the Overall Worldcup! Although Anna Fenninger and Lindsey Vonn were injured it still was a very gripping Worldcup. The ladies provided us with many Milkamoments and a tender contest. With Tina Maze as Tender Insider, we got all the background informations and many personal stories. We thank all our fans for their passionate support and the many Messages of Meltivation to the Milkaskistars.